3 Clever Ways To Store Your Photo Booth Photos

3 Clever Ways To Store Your Photo Booth Photos

Three Clever Ways To Store Your Photo Booth Photos

There is no doubt that a photo booth is the highlight of any celebration, but what to do with all the great pictures you have? You may potentially have dozens of pictures with nowhere to store them, but fear not! Here are some of our unique tips and tricks for storing your photo booth photos in style.

Photo Albums

The classic way to store your photographs is of course in the good, old fashioned photo album. Not only does it preserve the quality of your pictures, it also allows you to collate all your memories into a single book which is also easy to store! Photo albums are also easily customisable, why not match the colour of your photo album to the theme of the occasion for a stylish twist? If you’re hosting the event, an open photo album close to the photo booth also allows your guests to stick in their picture as well as write a meaningful message – this is a fantastic idea for weddings!

On Your Wall

Three Clever Ways To Store Your Photo Booth PhotosIf your walls are looking bare, or you simply enjoy decorating, then why not create your very own wall art using your photo booth pictures? Although the possibilities are truly endless, we recommend collaging your photos in a heart mural for a neat yet impactful way to never forget all the fun you had. Or if you have a lot of wall space to cover, why not use attach fairy lights to your wall and peg your photos across? For a more mature look, hang up your photos in a stylish frame in your bedroom or living room to remember the occasion.

Get Creative

If you’d like to try a more inventive way of storing your photo booth photos, then why not create your very own frame? As well as painting it in a colour of your choice and decorating it in any way you wish, you can also get the signatures of those in the pictures to complete the finished look! Finally, why not store your pictures in their own separate frames and place them around the house? This way you have a memory in every room you go into!

Whatever your preference, you can be sure there is a way to store your photo booth photos that suits you!


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