Spice Up Your Party with our Brand New i-Roamer!

Want to get up close and watch your guests have fun? Get even more amazing images from your wedding, birthday bash or party? Now you can give your party that extra touch of va-va-voom and pizzazz with our brand-new i-Roamer. With its futuristic good looks and cool features, this unusual device will draw your guests’ interest like a bright light draws moths. (And it offers plenty of bright light!)




iRoamer Roaming Photo Booth

Our iRoamer Roaming Photo Booth

Why you WANT an i-Roamer at your party:

  • Our i-Roamer is a state of the art portable device that allows us to “follow the party”
  • very few people will have seen one before so… guaranteed novelty factor!
  • it allows us to capture even more amazing photos right in the middle of the action
  • we design your instant print overlay exactly to suit your event
  • the photos taken can be shared immediately to social media, email or SMS
  • the i-Roamer uses the same software as the Selfie Pod, and we can link the two devices and even share a cloud-based gallery between the two.
  • all photos taken with the portable device can have digital props and filters added … just think of all the fun you can have with Instagram
  • now with instant wireless printing option
  • you’ll get every single image taken during the event sent to you

The i-Roamer is a fabulous addition to our arsenal. It will get your party buzzing!


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