Audio Guestbook

Imagine your wedding reception, prom party or birthday bash:

  • beautiful tables set with delicious food
  • music, lights and decorations to suit your mood
  • and your friends and family mingling in the space, all having as wonderful a time as you do

As with any party, you won’t have a chance to talk to everyone. But that’s okay. You have a photographer, and a photo booth, and many people take photos on their phones and have promised you copies.

Now imagine you “could” hear from every one of your guests, long after the party is over. Imagine looking at the raft of photos, see smiling faces, and hear how much your friends enjoyed the day.

With our brand-new audio guestbook, you can do just that.

As well as posing for photos, your guests can use the audio guestbook to leave you voice messages: good wishes, funny stories, old memories… whatever the occasion, and you will have their voices as well as the images to remember the day.

How to use our Audio Guestbook

On the face of it, an audio guestbook looks like… a telephone! And since we’re all familiar with these, your guests will have no problems using one. All they need to do is pick up the handset, wait for the beep, and record their message. And that’s it!

All the recordings are stored and you can listen to them afterwards for time after time.

Try the audio guestbook from I Want A Photobooth Banbury at your party!

The audio guestbook is already proving popular with birthday parties – especially the significant ones. They’re also great for prom parties, creating lasting memories before all the participants are getting ready to go their different ways. It also makes a thoughtful, non-intrusive addition to a memorial service or celebration of life, by offering comfort for the time afterwards.

We’re convinced our audio guestbook will see A LOT of use, so please talk to us now.

Need More Information?

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