Photo Booth Effects Add Spice to Your Event

Enjoy Hundreds of Photo Booth Effects at Your Event

Ever dreamt of a beach holiday? Perhaps you’d like to mingle with millions of Minions or enjoy the fame of being on the front cover of a magazine? With our state of the art booth and endless photo booth effects at iwantaphotobooth, anything is possible! 

Immersive 3D green screen

Unlike other photo booths, we have a 3D green screen which can transport you to your dream destination or enable you to travel the universe! Sounds unreal, doesn’t it? It is actually, but the effects are so good that it’s hard to tell that you’re not really in LA or travelling through a milky way! Our green screen is the same as those used in Hollywood, which means almost anything is possible and the effects are endless. 

Here are just a few of our favourites: 

Enjoy Hundreds of Photo Booth Effects at Your EventDestination effects – simply choose your desired background from our extensive list and the foreground can be made to match, too. So, if you choose a jungle scene, we can work our magic and make the trees and wildlife surround you as though you’re really there in the thick of it! Argh, spider! 

Facial recognition software – forget the plastic surgeon, you can own a huge pout with our awesome Facial Recognition software and its fun props and effects, all of which are sure to cause a roar of ‘LOLs’ at your event. Choose from face masks such as celebrities and superheroes, face props including hair, moustaches, freaky eyeballs and scary clown faces or have fun with overlaying text. 

Immersive magazine covers – ever fancied yourself as a celebrity? Your wish will be granted with this A list photo booth effect! With famous magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Bride and Filmstar to choose from, you and your friends really can fool everyone and become an A list celeb. 

A photo booth is perfect for all occasions, whether you’re hosting a birthday party, an anniversary ‘do, a wedding, a corporate event, a Christmas party, a prom or a team building event, our state of the art effects are a great way to break the ice and create lasting memories. 

Endless possibilities and a whole lot of fun! 

With unlimited prints, a box full of fun dressing up props, video messaging and your very own USB full of the photos from your event, you really will fall in love with the endless possibilities of a photo booth! If you’d like to find out more about hiring a photo booth from iwantaphotobooth, please click here.





Author: gary

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