It’s Halloween! Let’s have a Party.

The winter party season starts with Halloween. Between dressing up in fancy costumes, decorating your home or party venue, and enjoying spooky food Halloween is a great time to make memories (and collect blackmail material by way of embarrassing photos). The most successful Halloween parties are built around a theme, and it doesn’t have to be all zombies and witches to be great fun. Plan a few activities that fit your theme, add some delicious (also themed) food, and add a photo booth. Having a photo booth at your party is an excellent way to keep your guests entertained and make them feel special, so why not talk to us about hiring a photo booth?

There are plenty of popular party themes to choose from and the decor, food, and activities you select all depend on the kind of guests you’re inviting. For a children’s Halloween party a haunted house complete with sticky cobwebs and spooky corners and very spooky food would be an excellent choice. A pirate party could be equally successful, and planning a mummy party can be hilarious. Especially when you stock up on vast quantities of toilet roll and make your guest “mummify” each other  on arrival.

For teenagers or adults, Superheroes are always a great party theme. It’s fun to imagine which superhero each of your friends is likely to choose as their disguise for the night. And it’s great fun to make each guest explain their choice of costume. Alice in Wonderland has so many fantabulous characters, party-goers will be spoilt for choice choosing a costume and setting out a tea party with all manner of cakes will go down a treat. And when you hire a photo booth for your Alice in Wonderland party, make sure you ask for enough hats in your dressing up box to keep the Mad Hatter happy and the photos coming!

Even if you’re the squeamish sort that baulks at spooky soup, spider webs and zombie brains you can have a fantastic Halloween party. Choose an autumn harvest theme, offer pumpkin and candle carving as part of the party activities, decorate with straw bales and dried flowers and pile apples, squashes and pumpkins on tables and in corners. Ask your guests to dress up like country folk of times gone by… and if you’re adventurous, you could even hold a dancing competition.

Whichever theme you choose for your Halloween party, make sure you have plenty of memories and your guests have a wonderful time by entertaining them with a photo booth. Why not book yours right now by clicking here.


Author: gary

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