Get More From Hiring a Photo Booth

Hiring a photo booth for a wedding, birthday or any other celebration is a great way to capture photos of your guests in a fun and interactive way. Guests can relax and play around with creating great pictures and even better memories, and you can get a digital copy of all the images that have been taken. When there is no official photographer, or someone pointing a lens, guests relax and unwind and the truly ‘funny’ poses and pictures happen naturally.

So why not frame that photo with some of the additional extras that are available when you hire a photo booth?

Double set of prints

This will enable the host to keep a copy of all the photos in a fantastic ‘Guest Book’ and enable guests to take one away as a memento of the event.

Additional Booth Hours

Hiring a photo booth is a useful entertainment option at weddings and conferences. When you have a lot of guests the additional booth hours make it easier because there won’t be a crush while everyone tries to get in the booth at once and nobody will feel left out. Extra time also allows you to capture a lot more funny photos and poses and allow guests to visit the booth in plenty of time, without having to even queue!

Get More From Hiring a Photo Booth

Key Rings

These are great reminders of the evening and for corporate or office events could be sent out as a thank you present or token reminder from the evening. They will make great mementos or reminders for people and it’s super easy to slot in your favourite picture!

Fridge Magnets

These work in the same principle as the key rings, but kept for the home or office use. Was there a particularly funny photo that simply has to be displayed on the office fridge? Or a nice fun family shot that can be placed on the fridge at home?

There are many advantages of hiring a photo booth as the event really is captured throughout the evening and there are so many fun ways to show off your favourite photos!

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