Our Selfie Pods: Guaranteed Fun for your Party!

Make your party pop and your wedding reception take off with a bang by booking our brand-new Selfie Pod to take photos at your event. The newest tech in our photography arsenal, the Selfie Pod is a fun, flexible way to add hilarity to your event and make sure you don’t miss a minute of your and your guest’s enjoyment.

We give you a personalised digital print template with your names and the date of your event and a huge selection of digital props

Our Selfie Pod Photo Booths

Our Selfie Pod Photo Booths

Why you WANT a Selfie Pod at your party:

  • it encourages your guests to take photos
  • very few people will have seen one before so… guaranteed novelty factor!
  • it’s easy to move, so you can have it at your wedding breakfast / reception during the day and while you dance the night away with your friends
  • you can choose a personalised digital photo template showing your names and date of your event
  • all photos taken with the Selfie Pod can have filters added … just think of all the fun you can have with Instagram
  • Selfie Pod photos can be shared to Social Media, email and SMS … or you can keep them all to yourself and share them later
  • you can choose to have the best photos of the night printed and provided in a guest book
  • you’ll get every single image taken during the event sent to you

Why you DON’T WANT a Selfie Pod at your party:

  • your guests will not want to leave your party
  • they will talk about your party for weeks / months / years to come

So why not have a Selfie Pod at your party? 

Our iPad Selfie Pods

Our iPad Selfie Pods


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