How To Look Your Best In The Photo Booth

How To Look Your Best In The Photo Booth 

How To Look Your Best In The Photo Booth Photo booths are a great addition to any event but sometimes you can feel a little odd standing inside a booth and posing. We aren’t all models but that doesn’t mean we can’t look great in the photos at an event! By following our easy tips, you won’t have  problem to look your best in the photo booth.

Think Good To Look Good                                                       

One of the first things you need to do is think pleasant thoughts. It may sound – and feel – a little odd, but it will result in a great picture! Take hold of the joy of the party and use that happiness to give a genuine look to the camera. This will stop your pose from looking forced and also show you’re having a great time at the event!

Don’t Force Your Smile                                                           

Once again, forced movements or expressions will look strange, so try to naturally fall into your smile. Make sure you take the time before going to an event to practice your smile. Take note of when you smile unconsciously and try to replicate this.  If your cheeks start to hurt, you are going too far!

There Are No Bad Sides                                                                 

Despite what many of us think, we don’t have a ‘bad side’. Instead, it is important to be confident and stand tall. Rather than facing the camera front on, turn at a small angle (remember, there is no bad side, so go with whatever feels natural), put one foot forward and allow yourself to settle onto the back foot. This will ensure that you get a great photo every time!

How To Look Your Best In The Photo Booth Dress Your Best

It is also important how you dress yourself up for an event. You know better than anyone what makes you look and feel good! More than likely, before any party you will be dressing to impress, so take the event and the party’s photo booth as an opportunity to get glammed up! If you know the photo booth is in black and white, try to wear bold, contrasting colours.

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