Make Your Photobooth Experience More Sociable

For many of us, socialising is one of the greatest joys in life. It’s human nature to enjoy being in the company of others which is why celebrations are such happy, joyous occasions. Sometimes, though, trying to bring a group of strangers or members from two different families together can be a little bit challenging. Which is why it’s such a great idea to choose a photobooth experience as your party entertainment. Because a photobooth is designed to bring people together in a social environment in the most magical way.

For the ultimate social photobooth experience, you can’t go wrong with an iPad Selfie Pod. A deceptively unobtrusive, streamlined package, the Selfie Pod takes up less room than our standard photobooth but it doesn’t compromise on functionality. After snapping up their amazing selfies, your guests can have great fun instantly uploading their images from the party to social media or sharing with friends over iMessage. The Selfie Pod is easily transportable, so you can hire it for the whole duration of your event and move it around your chosen venue, giving your guests ample opportunity to capture the magic.

Everybody loves playing with filters on social media and the novelty factor of being able to do this with a party image right at the Selfie Pod booth will never get old. Your guests will love being able to share the fun from the Selfie Pod booth straight to social media, after all nobody can resist the chance to get a few extra Facebook likes! It’s amazing to think that the fun from your celebration can reach your extended social circle with just a quick visit to the booth and a simple touch of a button.

People love gadgets and something they can play around with which is why a photobooth experience is such a popular choice for parties, especially as there is such a social element to them. Your guests will love helping each other edit their selfies as they play around with the best filters and special effects. So many laughs and happy memories that may not have occurred otherwise will be captured and shared because people have an excuse to come together and be sociable at the booth.

The social aspect of a photobooth really is the secret to its success. You never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory and with a Selfie Pod special moments can be snapped up in an instant. Capturing some unmissable, priceless moments from your next celebration really is as easy as 1,2,3.

Author: gary

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