More Ways To Display Your Photo Booth Photos

We love taking photos whether with a camera or in our photo booth. Taking photos is a way to make memories and our best and most favourite memories always deserve special treatment. So, of course, we have plenty of ideas for ways to display your best photo booth photos. We started our list in a previous blog post, and in this week’s post we’re going to offer a few more tips and tricks.

On an inspiration board.

Memories make excellent inspiration – just look at the many holiday and family snaps dotting our desks! If you’re a visual person, you may have a board with quotes and other mementos near your workspace. Why not try mixing in a few of your favourite photo booth photos with the other items that cheer and inspire? Or create an inspiration board from just your own photos to remind you of the best of time.

Make use of old frames.

Old picture frames – with or without backs and glass – can show off your favourite photo booth photos to perfection.  Modern or ornate, gilded or plain, painted wood… pick a frame that speaks to you. Then just tack your pictures to the wall in any order or configuration you like and set them off with the frame. It doesn’t even have to be straight!

In a jar or a vase.

This may sound a little out there, but a photo in a glass vase or jar is a surefire way to attract attention. Pick a striking image and you’ll find all your visitors’ eyes will be drawn to it. Yours will too, when you find work a little overwhelming and need a reminder of good times. 🙂

One-of-a-kind gift tags.

Giving gifts is a very personal thing. Choosing the item, wrapping it and adding a tag or message. Photo booth photos make excellent gift tags. They’re decorative, unusual, one-of-a-kind additions to your gift, and you can choose a photo that holds beautiful memories for you and the person receiving the gift.

A photo book.

If hand-collated photo albums or a scrap book are out of your reach, but you’d love a bound, glossy memory of a wonderful event, you should take a look at photobooks. Many companies now offer them and they’re easy to create. Just upload your favourite photos, pick a photo book design and… off you go.

So there you have it, another five ways to store your photo booth photos! If you enjoyed this blog don’t forget to take a look at the previous installment and find out how to hire your own photo booth in Oxfordshire.

Author: gary

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