Half Day Photo Booth and Wedding Photography Package

Your wedding day is a beautiful journey filled with love, joy, and special moments. At “I Want a Photobooth,” we understand the importance of preserving these memories. Our Half Day Photo Booth & Wedding Photography Package is designed to capture the essence of your wedding day, from the heartfelt service to the afternoon family photos, and on into the evening celebrations.

Our Half Day Package includes:

  • Photography for Half a Day: Our professional photographers will cover the most significant moments of your day, including the service and group shots, ensuring that your memories are captured beautifully.
  • 20 Page Storybook Album: Relive the magic of your wedding day with a 20-page storybook album that tells the unique tale of your love.
  • Image USB: Conveniently store all your precious wedding memories in one place with a USB containing high-quality digital images.
  • Photo Booth: As your day transitions into the evening, our photobooth becomes a focal point of entertainment, delighting your guests while capturing candid and playful moments

Exciting Extras to Elevate Your Day

Our Half Day Photo Booth & Photography Package comes complete with a range of fantastic extras:

  • Setup & Packdown: We handle all the logistics, ensuring a seamless photo booth setup and packdown process.
  • Friendly Attendant: Our professional attendants are ready to assist your guests, making sure they have an enjoyable photo booth experience.
  • Unlimited Photo Sessions: Guests can enjoy unlimited photo sessions, creating a treasure trove of cherished memories.
  • Large Dressing Up Prop Box: Unleash your creativity with a variety of fun props.
  • Green Screen Options: Choose from 2D or 3D green screen backgrounds to add a touch of magic to your photos.
  • Personalisation: Customise your photo booth experience with personalised green screen backgrounds and print templates.
  • Digital Download: Conveniently access all your photo booth images through a digital download.
  • Luxury Setup: Create a glamorous entrance with luxury rope and silver barriers.
  • LED Uplighters: Set the mood with LED uplighters, enhancing the atmosphere around your photo booth.
  • Guestbook: Keep a cherished guest book filled with duplicate prints as a lasting memento of your special day.
  • Online and Facebook Albums: Share your photo booth memories with friends and family through online and optional Facebook albums.

How We’ve Helped Other Couples Celebrate Their Special Day

With our Half Day Photo Booth & Photography Package, you can trust that your wedding day will be beautifully captured and remembered for years to come. Your happily ever after begins here.

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