Photo Booth Ideas For Weddings

The best way to break the ice at your wedding reception is to give people something to talk about. Photo booths are great ideas for weddings as they give each and every one of your guests the chance to be a bit silly and just have heaps of fun together. The contrast between formal attire and some weird and wacky photo booth props always makes for some truly great pictures, but what are some of the best photo booth ideas for weddings?

You can guarantee some massive smiles on your wedding guests’ faces when they are kitted out in all sorts of different photo booth paraphernalia. Our prop box is extensive, but to give you an idea of the best photo booth props for weddings we always recommend plenty of wigs, hats, oversized sunglasses, and of course the mandatory blow-up guitar! Getting everybody into the party spirit is so easy when the infectious fun of the photo booth is right on tap. A photo booth is one of the best ideas for wedding entertainment as it is pure and simple fun for all ages and it’s so versatile that young and elderly guests alike can enjoy it side by side.

You can make full use of our immersive 3D green screen technology for some extra special fun. You could even start your eagerly anticipated honeymoon a bit early by having every destination you could possibly wish to travel to all available at the touch of a button. And while most wedding photos tend to be serene and stylish, there’s something extra special about a photograph of a bride and groom in all their wedding attire complete with some photo booth accessories. Photo booths are such a great idea for weddings because the pictures make such a great contrast to your formal wedding photography. Formal wedding photography is breathtakingly romantic but some funny photo booth pictures give you a better idea of the silly and quirky side of the happy couple.

A great idea to get your wedding guests over to the photo booth is to take advantage of our Photo Booth Guest Books. Guests love leaving messages to the happy couple on the most special day of their lives. They won’t want to miss out on leaving you a record of their well wishes and what better way to wish you well than by leaving you a lasting photographic reminder in your guest book of all the fun that was had by all?

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