Why Photobooth Hire is a Great Choice for Weddings

Weddings are some of our absolute favourite events for which we provide photobooth hire. Weddings are the ultimate celebration filled with love and the promise of eternal happiness but with a photobooth on hand they are all the more memorable. Wedding photographs are always magical but our favourite thing about photobooth pictures is the pure silliness of it all. Everyone is always in a good mood at a wedding and this is plain to see in all of the photo booth pictures that are printed off immediately as part of any of our hire packages.

It’s impossible to rival the fun and enjoyment that you get with a photo booth hire at a wedding. Nothing lowers inhibitions and social barriers better than a few silly hats and props and the hilarious results are plain to see in each and every photograph that the photobooth prints off. When you hire a photobooth you are choosing something that is far more than just some wedding reception evening entertainment, it’s a way to record some priceless moments between those you hold dear enough to spend your special day with.

Your guests will really let loose and get into the party spirit in the blink of an eye when you hire a photo booth for them to enjoy. It will be by far the most memorable part of the night for them and the memories will last a lifetime. It’s so nice for your wedding guests to have something tangible to take away with them as a lasting reminder of how they shared in your special day. It’s a special privilege to share a couple’s wedding day with them and your guests will feel that little bit extra special when they get to enjoy all of the wonderful perks and benefits that a photo booth hire entails.

Your photobooth hire can be tailored to your wedding day down to the very last detail. You can choose to upgrade to our VIP hire package if you would like coloured uplighters to match your chosen colour scheme as well as a red carpet and rope barrier to complete the look. We can also ensure that every single photo booth background that you would like see in the photo booth with is readily available ahead of your big day. Photobooth hires work really well with themed weddings but even if you are going for a low key affair, we can simply overlay your pictures with the text of your choice to ensure your photo booth snaps are personalised to perfection.

Weddings days can last for a long time, especially for guests who are part of your celebration for the whole day. You can make sure your weddings guests have plenty to keep them busy and having fun all night long simply by hiring a photo booth for them to enjoy. We can even come and set up before your wedding reception starts should you wish, so you have something to keep people amused while your formal wedding photographs are taking place.

Author: gary

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