Planning The Company Christmas Party

There is a great deal of pressure involved in planning the company Christmas party. It’s the highlight of the corporate calendar where everybody looks forward to kicking back and celebrating another year of success. Such an eagerly anticipated event requires some very careful planning. There’s the venue to think about, then the guest list, the food, the music, the party favours…the list really does just go on and on. When it comes to your Christmas party entertainment, you are in great company because we have done the planning for you and have an impressive range of photo booth hire packages that will be just perfect for a cracking Christmas party!

A photo booth hire will tick all of your boxes when planning the company Christmas party this year. You don’t need to worry about liaising with your chosen venue as we will happily do that for you, and you can rest assured that our photo booth will blend right in with any setting, whether it is large, small, formal or informal. The same goes for the guest list: young, old, extrovert and introvert – a photo booth hire is great fun for everybody! It’s a great ice breaker, too.

A great way to get people to the photo booth is to strategically place it next to the bar, the buffet, or whatever party food and drink is on offer. The Christmas season is known for being the season of indulgence and nobody can resist a delicious hog roast or mince pie. Mulled wine is the perfect Christmas drink that gets people in the party mood and ready to get in the photo booth. After all, you don’t want all that company planning to go to waste!

You might consider some other forms of entertainment for the Christmas party, whether your company is full of budding X Factor hopefuls who would love nothing better than a karaoke, or if the office is full of disco divas who would be happy dancing the night away. A photo booth goes really well with any other type of party entertainment. We can easily theme the backgrounds and props with a festive Christmas theme as well.

The biggest worry when planning the company Christmas party is undoubtedly the cost of it all. We have a range of different party packages to suit all budgets and what’s genius about using a photo booth as your party entertainment is that your party favours are automatically included. As part of your package you will receive instant print outs of your photobooth pictures, as well as a photo book and a USB stick containing all of your images.

Show your colleagues how much they are appreciated by putting on a Christmas party that is the talk of the company for years to come, you’ll be surprised how little planning it takes once you get into it. For a company Christmas party with some extra Christmas cheer, hire a photo booth and let us take care of some of the planning for you!

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