How A Selfie Pod Can Add An Extra Dash Of Fun To Your Wedding Celebration

While weddings are fun, there’s often a fair bit of hanging around involved between the official parts that can leave  your guests feeling like a spare part. With an iPad Selfie Pod you can keep them amused and in the party spirit in between the official parts all around your chosen venue. The Selfie Pod itself is a small, compact, and easily transportable standalone accompaniment to our regular photo booth, which can add an extra dash of fun to your wedding celebrations. Nobody likes waiting around, but a quick go on the Selfie Pod will be enough to keep your wedding party’s spirits high during any natural lulls in the wedding day proceedings.

While you are on your wedding photo shoot your guests can amuse themselves by snapping a few pictures at the conveniently located Selfie Pod. It’s a great ice breaker and conversation starter too, and your guests will be crowding round the pod eagerly waiting their turn to take their very own selfie. The pod can be moved to the wedding reception entrance later in the day so you can be sure to catch a selfie from each and every one of your guests who walks past. The selfie pod is a brilliant virtual kind of guest book, so you can always remember who was with you sharing in the biggest celebration of your life.

Wedding guests really can’t stay away from The Selfie Pod, it’s simply irresistible. Weddings are meant to be fun and what could be more enjoyable than playing around with some interactive technology with family and friends? The special features and filters are what makes the Selfie Pod so unique and engaging to guests of all ages. Being able to share the images straight to social media is simply the cherry on the cake! Everybody is so tech savvy these days and social media is such a huge part of everyday life. Allowing guests to upload pictures themselves is a great way to ensure you never lose sight of any Selfie Pod images as well.

Having lots of fun at a wedding is one thing, but being able to record it, edit it and upload it in an instant is another. The 21st century has brought us a great deal of innovative technology so why not bring some of it to your wedding for a fun packed unforgettable party that ticks all of the boxes and more?

Author: gary

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