The Best Christmas Party Themes

Themed Christmas parties are a trend that started a few years back and isn’t going to stop any time soon. Why not? Because creating a different world and inviting your party guests to step away from their everyday surroundings is just sooooo much fun! Children love costume and dress up parties, but as we grow, we tend to lose a little of that playful spirit and think that formal is the new fabulous. No longer. Grown-ups can have fun, too, and a with no shortage of ideas when it comes to Christmas party themes all you have to do is pick and start planning!

The success of a themed Christmas party hinges on the details, whether you’re having a 1920s-style Al Capone party, want to spend a few hours in a winter wonderland or on a tropical beach, or want to help your guests imagine themselves as rock stars in Vegas. Matching the decor, music, food, invitations, swag, and entertainment to your chosen theme means your guests can immerse themselves in your fantasy world and have a wonderful time.

The best Christmas party themes – those that create parties people will talk about long into the new year – are always ones rich in detail.

Don’t just place a blow-up palm tree into a corner of the room and call it a tropical beach party. Instead, make your party invitations bright and cheerful, decorate your party space to match, drape guests in paper flower garlands when they arrive, serve rum punch and tropical fruit, set up a limbo scene or even a beach volleyball area, invite a pirate or two, play reggae and salsa… and, of course, choose tropical beach paradise backdrops for your photo booth to continue you Christmas party theme all the way to the all-important photos.

Actually, as many party planners have found out, a photobooth adds an unexpected dimension to your themed Christmas party, one that publicises your event a long way past the room it’s held in. We can match our photo booth backdrops to your theme, and provide props that let your guest blend right in.

Our mobile photo booth option, the i-Roamer, can follow your guests around the room – which is great if you set up areas for special activities. And the photos your guests take with the i-Roamer have backdrop and filter options, too.

You can print your images and give your guests a chance to add comments to your party photobook. And, of course, you can share to social media immediately – making it a great way to involve many more people in your fabulous even than are actually attending.

The best themed Christmas parties have plenty of details for your guests to talk about once the party is over. And they have a photo booth to document what a wonderful time everyone has had!

Why not book a photo booth or i-Roamer for your Christmas party now, and let us help you make it your best Christmas party ever!

Author: Sue

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