The Top 10 Wedding Party Themes of 2024

Capturing the perfect moments at a wedding involves more than just recording the ceremony, and photographing the bridal couple and their families in scenic locations afterwards. For many of our couples, retaining memories of the reception and of everyone having fun, is equally important. Which is why, many couples now have a photo booth at their reception, plus a way for all the guests to record personal messages and good wishes. It’s often these memories a couple turn to when they need a boost or a smile.

One way to make a wedding truly memorable is to choose a theme for your wedding reception and party. Themed parties are nothing new, and that’s because they work. This year, we expect to see more and more couples incorporating themes into their wedding celebrations. So here’s a list of the top 10 wedding party themes of 2024 to look out for:

Boho Chic

This theme is all about the relaxed, free-spirited vibe that Bohemian style embodies. Think macramé, flowy dresses, and plenty of greenery.

Rustic romance combines the beauty of the outdoors with a classic and elegant wedding. Wooden accents, floral arrangements, and natural lighting are key elements of this theme.

Art Deco

The roaring 20s are making a comeback! Art deco revels in geometric shapes, metallic accents, and bold colours. This theme is perfect for couples who love vintage glamour.

Garden Party

Couples who love the beauty of nature will adore a garden party theme for their wedding. Choose pastel colours, focus on beautiful floral arrangements, and make the most of outdoor lighting when the sun goes down.

Sleek Minimalism

Clean lines, neutral colours, and a minimalist decor keep the focus exactly where it belongs – on the two of you! If you favour quiet elegance over exuberance, then a sleek, minimalist wedding may be just the thing.

Beach Bash

A beach-themed wedding is perfect for couples who love the sun, sand, and surf. Think beachy decor, tropical drinks, and lots of outdoor fun.

Fairytale Romance

Couples who wish for a touch of magic at their wedding will adore the fairytale wedding party themes. Stunning backdrops, flowers, twinkling lights, and plenty of magical accents will make your day unbelievably wonderful.

Vintage Romance

Couples who love all things vintage will enjoy a vintage romance theme for their wedding. Think lace, pearls, and old-fashioned glamour.

Explorer’s Paradise

Love travelling? Love exploring? Why not turn that passion into your wedding party theme? Add maps, globes, and items from places you’ve visited to your wedding party – and give your guests a chance to go on a journey with you.


A whimsical wedding has too many facets to count, but it’s perfect for couples who want to celebrate their playful, fun-loving sides. Think bright colours, unique decor, and accent items not everyone would expect at a wedding.

We hope you found something to like in our list of wedding party themes.

Choosing a theme for your wedding party showcases a couple’s unique style and personality. It also makes selecting decor, accessories, and even your entertainment much easier. We’re here to help you pick your favourite photo booth or selfie postbox, complete with backdrops and props to suit your theme… so your memories all come out perfect!

Author: Sue

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