The Ultimate Guide To Photo Booth Bombing

The Ultimate Guide To Photo Booth Bombing

The Ultimate Guide To Photo Booth BombingEverybody knows that having a photo booth at your event helps to liven up the party, but did you know that photo booths also make for great chances to hilariously photobomb pictures? If you’d like to add a little bit of extra fun to the occasion, here is your ultimate guide to perfect photo booth bombing!

Face First

To pull this off you must first act like a normal person when entering the photo booth. Position yourself at the front of the pack and bend your knees, then count yourself in and launch yourself into the camera – suddenly the picture becomes all about you!

Curtain Crasher

This photobomb works best when you’re next in line for a photo in the booth. First let those in front of you step into the booth to have their photo taken, then patiently wait outside the booth and count the flashes. When the time is right crash through the curtains like a bull in a china shop!

The Ultimate Guide To Photo Booth BombingThumbs Up

The thumbs up is one of the most classic photobombs that exists – to pull this off it is best to position yourself at the back of the group, and whilst everyone is smiling strike while the iron is hot! The thumbs up photobomb can also be used in conjunction with the curtain crasher for the best photo booth bombing experience!

Seize The Moment

If you’re at the back of the crowd, why not take the opportunity to jump up and surprise them? Don’t forget to think outside the box and use what’s around you to create the funniest photo possible! The most important thing to remember is to try and outdo your friends!

Whatever your preference, however, having a photo booth at your event is sure to add to the fun!


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