The Ultimate Guide To Photo Booth Poses – Part 1

The Ultimate Guide To Photo Booth Poses – Part 1

A few weeks ago we brought you the ultimate guide to photo booth bombing, and following on from that we’re proud to present the ultimate guide to photo booth poses! Here we will give you some of the best and funniest poses you can use in the photo booth! Make sure you take a look at next week’s post where we talk about some of the best photo booth poses part 2!

The Hat Swap

The Ultimate Guide To Photo Booth Poses - Part 1The Hat Swap is an outright classic for photo booth poses, it is one of the most obvious choices but it isn’t practiced nearly enough! To pull off this pose, make sure you have 2 to 3 items per person in the booth, then simply swap each hat or wig with your friends after each picture! If you want to spice things up a little bit more then don’t forget to bring out your best and funniest face pulling techniques! One of the best aspects of this move is even if you fail and end up putting a hat or wig on backwards or in an awkward fashion your picture turns out to be even more hilarious!

The Hog

The Ultimate Guide To Photo Booth Poses - Part 1The Hog is an excellent move to use in a photo booth. However, it can be seen as a little aggressive by some and may result possible bruising, meaning this move is definitely for the more daring photo booth user! In this pose, somebody gets close to the camera so that nobody else can be seen in the picture, but, many have failed when attempting to recreate the Hog as they have mis-timed their approach, meaning they are caught in mid Hog! To pull this move off perfectly, make sure the first picture is Hog free and wait a bit longer before moving in for the Hog. The most important thing to remember however, is that the Hog should be fun and non-aggressive!

Tongue Tied

The tongue is one of the best photo booth props there is, one of the great things about it is everyone already has one and each is completely unique, creating a unique picture! To make sure you pull this move off, make sure you experiment with different tongue shapes that you can create, see if you can touch your nose with your tongue and finally warm up and stretch your tongue before you enter the photo booth! This is a photo booth pose that isn’t practised often enough and is extremely easy to master, but as with any move, you should limit the amount of times you use your tongue in your photos!


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