Wedding Colour Schemes: Shades of Purple

The Pantone Institute has declared Ultra Violet – a deep, vibrant blue purple – the colour of year 2018 and industry insiders believe that brides will embrace the colour with relish when deciding on their wedding colour schemes.

But the love of purple isn’t sudden. Even before the announcement, shades of purple have been in favour with brides. Purple is a blend of red and blue, so whether you look better in cool or warm tones, there’s a shade of purple to suit you. In addition, purple can set moods that range from vibrant and exciting to calm and serene. And few colours can add a touch of luxury or even decadence the way purple can

Wedding Colour Schemes: shades of purple | I Want a Photo Booth Oxfordshire

What are your options if purple wedding colour schemes are high on your list, or if you’d simply love to incorporate purple shades in your wedding… and how can we help to make you look wonderful?

Most brides won’t want to dress in purple, but it’s long been a colour that makes an excellent foil for a white or cream wedding dress and is therefore often seen on flower girls, bridesmaids, matrons of honour or the mothers of the bride or groom. When choosing purple shades for dresses, it’s important to….

1. Know your reds from your blues

Wedding Colour Schemes: Shades of Purple | I want a photo booth OxfordshirePurple isn’t a primary colour. It’s a blend of red and blue on a sliding scale and depending on where on that scale your chosen colour sits, the tone of your party can veer from passionately exciting to cool and serene.

That goes for dresses, too. If you put someone who looks best in cool (blue) tones into a purple dress that veers towards the red, they’ll look uncomfortable and overheated, while someone suiting warm tones will look washed out in cool-toned purple.

So make sure you test fabrics if purple is your chosen colour for dresses. Or add a splash of purple with a sash, wrap, posy or buttonhole.


2. Be bold with accessories

Unless you’re opting for an all-white wedding, most wedding colour schemes rely heavily on accessories. This is where purple can shine and you can let your imagination step out. Invitations, ribbons, table and venue decorations, chair covers, flowers, handbags, shoes and your wedding cake… here is where purple shows its power and panache.

You can even use it to shift the mood of your celebration, from serene pastels at your ceremony to deeper, more passionate shades for your evening do, and even a little something especially alluring for your wedding night.

Purple can cover all your bases, so it’s an excellent colour for a wedding.


3. Make the most of photographs

Wedding photos hold some of our most cherished memories. And, of course, you want everyone to look their best, even when they’re having fun partying or recording good wishes for your wedding guest book in the photobooth.

A photobooth doesn’t just offer a chance for your guests to enjoy themselves and to take photos in front of fabulous backdrops. We can actually design the backdrops around the colour scheme of your wedding.

If you choose a purple wedding colour scheme and hire our photo booth or the brand-new Ipad Selfie Pod, you don’t have to worry about having backdrops and props of just the right kind of purple to make your guests look great. We’ll make sure that the props come in a range of fabulous colours and shades so that every single one of your guest will be able to find something that suits them and – moreover – something that will make them look fantastic on your wedding photos.

Most of all, we’re always here to answer questions. If you’re thinking of hiring a photo booth for your event, please just ask.

Wedding Colour Schemes: Shades of Purple by Iwantaphotobooth Oxfordshire

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