Why Your Party Needs a Photo Booth

Hiring a photo booth has become the latest trend for weddings and even corporate events. Once a novel way to keep your guests entertained at large functions, they’ve since become much more than just an add-on. Yes, a photo booth creates much hilarity, but it can also help you document wonderful moments and connect you with people you might not see very oftern.  And photo booths are no longer just the domain of weddings and corproate events. Birthdays, graduations, christenings and prom parties, stag and hen nights, charity balls and Christmas parties… all offer moments to remember and moments to spread the joy… which is why your party needs a photo booth!

Our services offer you and your guests a lasting memory and a unique token of your special day. And here are just a few other reasons why you need a photo booth at your next event.

No More Staged Photographs

Gone are the days of stiff, awkwardly posed pictures. Photo booths create genuine, spontaneous pictures and capture every giggle and smile. A photo booth offers you and your guests the role of star photographer, in full control of what side of yourself you’d like to remember and show others. So take as many serious, silly and crazy photos as you like! You’ll be sure to value these photos for years to come.

Great Entertainment

Your party needs a photo booth because our services provide more than just photography. Photo booths offer the ultimate entertainment to your function or party by getting your guests involved to create their own crazy or serious photographs. We have a large selection of props to make those photographs even more exciting and interesting. Take a pirate-themed photo or play it cool at the beach – it’s up to you!

Not Just A Photo

We take capturing your special moments to a whole other level. Our photo booths offer video and music facilities, and we make it easy for you to share all your creations on social media platforms. So instead of just a photograph, you can be in control of your own creative media. Capture a great moment between friends on camera or share your snaps with more friends online. Everything is at your fingertips!

Did we convince you that your party needs a photo booth? Would you like to know more? We’d love to be a part of your special events, and want to help you capture every moment. Contact us today to make your next event even more unique.

Author: gary

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